Managed Industrial IoT

Gain Value with Open Source IoT Technology

Throughtout the last two centuries new developments and innovations in technology have reshaped the industry, economy and society. With the introduction of steam machines during the industrialization the way for mass production of goods and products was paved.

The automobile industry took it a step further when Henry Ford established assembly lines in his production facilities in 1913. Another huge leap forward was made when computer systems were applied in production and manufacturing processes…

Adapting IoT solutions will be key for enterprises to sustain their ability to compete and to improve their value proposition. Innovative companies will have the chance to change the market and create new revenue streams, if they adapt these technologies early enough.

The intention of this whitepaper is to give an insight into challenges and opportunities that come along with the introduction of an IoT solution, especially regarding the Industrial Internet of Things. Suggestions are provided on how to face these challenges. 

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